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  1. Mahandra Roopchan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I was a pupil at Pakeman starting aged 5 left at 11 in 1972. On the whole it was a very warm experience.

    At the end of my last year at Pakeman Primary School 1972, I went on a week long school trip to Boulogne, France. It was my first ever holiday so was very memorable. Would anybody be able to give me the address of where the group stayed? I know we had dormitory accommodation in a building. I would also be interested to know of the names of any of the other students that went. The staff included Mr Chambers/Hedges? and a youngish Mr Paul Ross not Jonathan’s brother I’m sure. And lastly and this is a long shot anybody know of a then pupil by the name of Tim Cox I believe from Liverpool from another school who also accommodated at the same dormitory.
    Another clue may be that a girl by the name of Tracy or Debbie who was also in my class of the formidable Mrs Lacy in the juniors 4th and final year at Pakeman, same year also a Stephen? Quigley.

    Kind Regards
    Mahandra Roopchan

  2. Georgina Shiakalli Adams says:

    Mahandra – Hi!
    Did you by any chance have a brother called Surrendra?? (I’m not sure if I spelt it right) but his surname was Roopchan and he was in my class 🙂

  3. Mahandra Roopchan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    A second comment I wish to leave is that during my school career? at Pakeman, periodically a photographer would come and photograph the students. These would then be made available to the families to buy.

    With the exception of the odd one, the photographs that my my parents bought have either been sent abroad or lost.

    Would you have any information on the photographer(s) and the firm(s) who would have taken the photographs. Even if the photography studio(s) in question are no longer in existence, I suspect that the negatives are and are being archived somewhere.

    Understand I am only interested in new copies of my childhood school photographs if possible.

    Kind Regards
    Mr Mahandra Roopchan

  4. Mahandra Roopchan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    A third comment, if I am successful in securing new copies of my school photographs, you are more than welcome to post some on the Pakeman Primary School website.

    Kind Regards
    Mr Mahandra Roopchan

  5. Gary Pritchard says:

    I attended the school from 1968 to 1973. Looking at some of the old photos that you have posted brought it all back to me. I can still remember that old playground and tearing the skin off my knees and hands. I wish that I could find a picture that was taken of the Headteacher, Mr Hayes, a girl I think was called Nicola and myself. We were planting a new rose that was called “Yellow Pages”. The Islington Gazette took a nice photo and published it. The memories from the school are all good ones. I hope that the students that attend now will look back in 40+ years time and also have good memories of the school!

  6. Felicity Yianni says:

    Found this site while having a nostalgic moment. I attended from Easter ’69 at the age of 5 till my family moved out of London the summer of ’72. Mr. Hayes was a lovely head teacher & very popular. I too would love to see a photo of him. I also remember a girl called Nicola. She had a friend called Helen & they were 2 years older than me but I hung around with them a bit in my last year of attendance. Mr. Hayes however only started at Pakeman (probably) in the last year I was there, ’71 to ’72. Prior to that there were two heads, Miss Cross (& she was a lot!) for the infants, (is it still called that?) the first two years of primary. Mr. Fairgraives for the juniors (everybody older, we were called 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th years). I didn’t have any experience of him but my older siblings liked him. Anyone out there remember my last teacher Mrs. Coatup who preferred us to call her Gill?

  7. Alan Scrivener says:

    Hi Maria

    I was there from 1957 – 61 and there was another girl with exactly the same name as yours there then.

  8. Dr Barbara Underwood says:

    Good to see the pictures – I was disappointed not to see some from the mid-fifties when I was at Pakeman Street – Miss Hatton was head mistress and she taught ballet.
    Incidentally, I do have some photographs of the period if you are interested – a holiday to Belgium, saw the Worlds Trade Fair 1958.
    Barbara Underwood

  9. Linda Rayworth says:

    Barbara Underwood – what was your maiden name? I too went to Pakeman school and went to Ostend in 1958, a trip that Mr Chambers organised. My maiden name was Gardner.

  10. Alan Scrivener says:

    Hi. The headmaster was in fact Mr. Fairgraves. Miss Hatton was the year 4 teacher. Of her own volition, she taught us some French.

  11. Felicity Yianni says:

    A quick reply to Mahandra. There was certainly a Stephen Quigley. I vaguely remember him, I think my older brother Michael (usually known as Micky or Mick) was friendly with him. I’m not sure if my brother was in your class but he was in the same year of school as you. Stephen had a younger brother who I think would have been in 2nd year of juniors, but I don’t remember his name. Hope the school can dig up more old photos for this section of the website.

  12. Georgina Shiakalli Adams says:

    Hey Felicity, just to tell you the younger brother was called Simon Quigley, and he was in my class 🙂
    I was a little younger than you guys, and attended from 1971 – 1977 or ’78. 5-11.
    Mr Hayes was awesome, and now as an adult I appreciate him even more. A true ‘teacher’, and a great man.
    I would love some photos of those years too – I think the sports day pic was from my years, and I can definitely name the teacher in the picture dated 14th June 1980. It’s Mr Simpson – from Australia. He taught us the ‘best’ songs – my kids sing them now at scouts etc.
    Pakeman was one of the best schools in London at that time, and we were very lucky to have attended. I also remember the dinner lady 🙂

  13. Antonio Albano says:

    Hi Felicity.

    Your garden backed onto mine. We were always around each others’ homes. I think you were called “Tippy”. I remember your brother Michael and your sister, Martha (??). I’m sure there was a brother my age, but can’t remember his name. We were good mates.

  14. Maria Charalambous says:

    Hello there
    My happy memories of Pakeman from 1963-1965,we moved into Holloway.
    I lived in Berriman Road,before going to Shelburne.
    Miss Lacey and Miss Hatton taught me and I learnt a lot from both of these great teachers.
    Anyone out there remember me?

  15. Pauline Manley says:

    My husband was in miss Lacey’s class in 1963. His name is Stephen.

  16. Did you have two brothers Andrew and soteris

  17. Christina says:

    Hello maria, i lived in Berriman road and went to pakeman primary school my teacher was Mr Chambers then shelburne school
    156b was my door number ,you and your sister Christine were my neighbours i remember you and others in the street
    You new my mum pearl & my dad mick (greek guy )my name is christina (Tina )my sister is katie
    do you remember us?! Funny i was with my dad today ,we were talking about old times … people that is why i started to look in line for information
    Hope life’s been good to you both
    Fond memories and take care Tina

  18. Georgina Shiakalli Adams says:

    Oh and of course I remember Mr Chambers! He not only taught us French, but Country Dancing!!!!! He was also an amazing man.
    I went on a school trip to St Malo (with Mr Chambers and Miss Babaneau) and also to the Isle of Wight!
    Pakeman was truly a pioneer in Primary education – the very best!!!

  19. Lorna Adams-Sofroniou says:

    Hi Georgina I was friends with Simon Quigley I was in class with Sharon Dicks Tracey Hicks, (twins) Linda and Elsie Nwokeji, Tracy Bailes, Carmelo, Luciano, Surrundra, Ricky Pite, Clive Holland, were you in my class? Mr Hayes was our headmaster, Our class teachers were Mr Roberts (chinese) and Mr Simpson (Australian) Mrs Allen taught us music, Miss Morris taught us dance, Mrs Short was in the office and lovely Mrs Daley the playground lady… do you remember the school discos? I left in 1977 to go to Shelburne Girls school. What was your surname then?

  20. Mahandra Roopchan says:

    Hello Georgina
    yes Surendhra is my brother DOB 03 APRIL 1966 so his induction would have been 1972 i think that’s correct.

  21. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi Maria, are you Chrystalla’s (Christella’s?) older sister? If so I think I remember you spending some time with us in our classroom one day, I’m not sure why you were there. It would have been the school year of ’71 to ’72 & Chrystalla & I were in Gill Coathup’s class in the 1st year of juniors. Chrystalla, myself, Joan Gordon (who lived in Berriman Rd. too) & my best friend Sheila Deodat had been a little group of friends since starting school. I do remember my 7/8 year old self thinking you looked very grown up & pretty! I don’t recall a Miss Hatton & I’m not sure if Miss Lacey was still there by that time but I’d heard of her reputation for being very strict!

  22. Kathy Davis says:

    Like you, I was disappointed not to see photos of the 40’s or early 50’s. I so loved this school, and it was certainly the basis of all my learning for the rest of my life. What I would have done without the learning undertaken at Pakeman Street, I just don’t know. I remember particularly Miss Hatton, a wonderful teacher and ballet teacher (and person). Just wish I could have attended her evening class held locally after I had left. I remember Mr Philips, Mr Kendrick, Mr Chambers, Miss Shepherd, and others whose names escape me at present. Miss Neville was also head for some of the time I was there – she was also a lovely head. I left probably in 1950 to go to senior school. I remember so many of the class from this time and wonder what happened to them.

  23. Steve Gregory says:

    Hi Georgina, I was in your class along with Simon Quigley, Tracey Hicks, Sharon Dicks, Mark Pursey and I thought “John” Yainni…Felicity was he your brother and did your mum work in a clothing factory at the bottom of Sussex Way?

  24. Iain Chinnock says:

    So from Shelburne Rd infants we all went to Pakeman Street Junior School ( 1957-1960 ) What a great school, Mr Faregrave the headmaster who would keep us enthralled with his stories at assembly. I remember Miss Lacy and Miss Hatton, just the best ever! Our class all loved them, Miss Lacy did indeed have a fearsome reputation but she was really great, just behave yourself!
    Miss Hatton an absolute fantastic teacher. Pakeman Street was an ordinary school in a quite poor area, but because of the very dedicated teaching staff, punched well above its weight, I will always have a lot of love and respect for this school. It did it’s very best for us kids.
    I also remember going to Ostend with the school with Mr Chambers and his wife for a week or so after we did our 11+

  25. Jenny Bailey (Nee Balfour) says:

    Hi just found this website. I too went from Sherbourne to Pakeman in 1956. I remember it being on many floors with ballet taught on the top floor. My Mum being a dress maker made several black ballet dresses for class. I left in May 1957 as we moved to Essex Basildon to a new three bedroom house so my memory of school is somewhat vague. I can remember the walk to school from Holloway Road and skipping in the playground.

  26. Ann Bishop-Laggett nee Bunch says:

    Nostalgia brought me to this website. I attended Pakeman Street from 1943 until 1947 when I took the 11+ exam and went onto Parliament Hill School. When I was at Pakeman Street we were still receiving V1 and V2 weapons and the windows of the ground floor of the school were sandbagged up and during emergencies the whole school was evacuated downstairs to this area. I was somewhat alarmed by this as I thought it was the last place to go because in the event of a ‘hit’ the whole school would come down of us!! Miss Neville was the head teacher and Miss Hatton would give us ballet lessons and we performed at Islington Town Hall. The other teachers I remember were Miss Lilley and Mr. Dinmore. After the war was over there was great excitement in the school when a newly trainer teacher, Mr.Bullimore, joined us. Despite everything going on around us Pakeman Street was a happy school.

  27. Stephen Hill says:

    Hi my name is Stephen Hill. I attended Pakeman and left in 1973. I went on to attend Canonbury School at Highbury and Islington, then on to HighburMissss was the head teacher. I remember at lunchtime she would ask the students “Would you like some more?”

  28. John Yianni says:

    Hi Steven,my best mate when I was a kid!….I remember you moved to Loughton and I was gutted!..and I’ve often remembered you!…I’m John Yianni by the way…And of course Georgina Hi…I also remember Lola,Shane,Paul Lyons,Julie Gilliam and Surendra along with the others you have mentioned!…Mr Hayes was the best as was Mr Simpson and Mr Kirby (the violin teacher)!….Truly a great privilege to have been in class 4S!
    (Yes it’s all coming back to me real slowly)!…

  29. Louise Toone says:

    Hi I moved from London to the south coast in June 1974 after being in the reception class at Pakeman. I think my teacher was called Miss Charalambous – she was getting married that year & invited me & my family to her wedding but unfortunately we couldn’t make it due the the move. Although I was only 5/6 I have really clear memories of the school…am I right in thinking there was a concrete tunnel to play in in the playground? I also remember sitting outside the classroom on a hot day counting the cars that went by – different colours etc. I don’t think you’d keep up with the volume now! Happy days

  30. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi Steve (Gregory), no that John Yianni wouldn’t have been my brother & I’m fairly sure my mum never worked at that factory. I do have an older brother called John but he was never at Pakeman school. As I am the youngest of my family (55 now), you wouldn’t have known him. As I’ve said previously I have a brother called Michael (Mick) who is 3 years older than me. When we were at Pakeman school (up till the summer of 1972) I believe there was another Michael Yianni somewhere between our ages, attending. Maybe he had a younger brother called John? Sorry, can’t be any more help than that! Oh & a very belated thanks Georgina.

  31. Gerald massey says:

    I went to Pakemanstreet 1953/1957mr.fairgrave head master good man.miss hassock was my first teacher.mr Phillips my last he taught us boxing great!! I remember Ian Wilson Ian Maine Roger Burton jeaniewalford June Betts faith mansell

  32. Gerald massey says:

    At Pakemanstreet 1953/57mr fairgrave headmaster good man.miss hassock first teacher. Mr Phillips my last, taught us boxing great!! I remember a few names of my age group Ian Wilson, Ian Maine, Roger Burton, Jeanie walford,june betts,celia davies karen midda carol amos lorreter levy best wishes gerald massey age73

  33. I was there from 1961 to 1966 and remember Mr Fairgrave and Mr Phillips. Still think it’s crazy that we did boxing in primary school. I appeared in the Islington Gazette when they put new traffic lights at the crossing.

  34. Gerald massey says:

    Anybody remember me Gerald Massey age73

  35. John Yianni says:

    Hi guys,Mr Hayes was a truly great man,as was Mr Kirby and Mr Simpson…I was in the same class as Georgina and my best pal at school Stephen Gregory who as I remember moved to Loughton….Also Julie Gillam,Shane,Ricky,Dino,Tracy,Lola as well as the names you mentioned!
    I remember playing in the school football team and against all expectations winning the Dick Whittington cup and division 2 championship….I think that was 1976/77.Fantastic days many good memories.It was a privelage for me to have been a pupil at Pakeman…….

  36. Mustafa huseyin says:

    Hi there. My name is mustafa and I was at Pakeman from 1978 till 1980. I recall mr Hayes as still being the headmaster and teacher called Mr Simpson. Trying to locate some kids I knew then but can’t remember their names. The person I remember was Donald Henderson. I recall some one called Jason, Florence, Akis and Gibral but can’t remember their surnames. Anyone out there remember me the people mentioned above?

  37. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi everyone hope you are all keeping safe & well. I remember Mr. Kirby very fondly too. He taught recorder lessons to some of us when we were in the 2nd year of infants & 1st year of juniors (ages 6 through to 8). I was so pleased when he told me he had the same birthday as me! The names I remember from the last year I attended Pakeman from age 7-8 in 1971-72 are Sheila Deodat, Joan Gordon, Chrystalla Charalambous, Lucy & Stella (Italian twins), Rupert Weekes, Alan Hardy, Peter Sweet, Kingston, Everton & Donovan. I think there were also girls called Tracy, Barbara & Sharon. Does anyone remember any of these guys, I often wonder how everybody’s doing.

  38. Felicity Yianni says:

    Oh & also I think there was a girl called Angela. From age 7-8 (1971-72) my teacher was Mrs. Coathup, but she preferred us kids to call her Gill. There were two other classes in that year, Mrs. Rosemary Tidyman’s & a teacher called Judy, I think but I can’t remember her surname. Two other girls I was friends with in the previous two years were put into Judy’s class. One was Yim-yee Man, I believe her family had come over from Hong Kong & she had a younger brother at the school but I don’t know his name. The other girl I have completely forgotten her name but strangely I remember that she had an older brother at Pakeman who I’m fairly sure is called Devin. Does anybody remember any of these names?

  39. Ronnie Tayler says:

    Hello. My last year at pakeman was in mr chambers class. The year the sobell centre was built opposite. Mr Hayes was head. I also remember miss O’Malley, mrs Johnson, mrs cross, mrs coatup, my first teacher in reception was a mrs Ohara. Kids I remember in my class were. Lucy and Stella (twins). Chrystella. Joan Gordon. Jacky Baptist. Tina gaverille. Babara queen. Bernadette Lyons. Jacky gaigon. Katia. Tracey sparks. Geetah. Roshan. Rupert weeks. Khalid Khan. Elston Benoit. Steven Riley. Donovan. Andrew Hatton. Alan Hardy. Peter sweet. Nicholas Nicholas. Costas. Lambros shamby. There was a Colin who lived in 6 acres and also I believe an Andrew. I was born in berryman rd but moved up to crouch hill. Had a brother in older year, billy and a younger brother few years lower, Steven. Good days. Ronnie Tayler.

  40. Felicity Yianni says:

    re my last post: Oh & Maxine, sorry I don’t remember your surname. Hope you are all out there & keeping safe.

  41. Mahandra Roopchan says:

    Hello all
    Does anyone know if there is a archivist/school historian based at the school?
    M Roopchan

  42. Hello
    I went to Pakeman and would be interested in this too please

    I was in Miss Chimeal’s class and my classroom was next to Miss Vinogradoff’s classroom

    I would love to get copies of any photos from the late 70’s early 80’s

  43. Mahandra Roopchan says:

    Hello all
    In 1972 I was part of a group that went with the school to Compiegne, France with Mr Chambers, I’ve lost the address stayed, would anyone have it?
    Many thanks
    M Roopchan

  44. Mahandra Roopchan says:

    Hello all
    Anyone in touch with a Keith Walsh /Welch, Tracy Perry, Michael James and Clara Piscina class of 1966-72
    Many thanks
    Mahandra Roopchan

  45. Ricardo piscina says:

    Hi, I’m Ricardo piscina and Clara is my aunty

  46. Debbie Ratcliffe says:

    My mum went to this school before the war. Do you still have records going back that far? Her name was Joyce Rogers then.

  47. Raymond Williams says:

    If you are interested you can go on Facebook and join
    Pakeman primary school
    Raymond Williams 1958..1964

  48. Terry Healey says:

    I went to Pakeman street from 1947 to 1951 and I remember it with great affection.
    I am now 80 years old and whilst doing my crossword puzzles I thank Mrs Hatton who instilled in me the need to get my spellings right.
    I was also one of the boys that were taught ballet by her
    I would be interested in chatting to anybody who remembers me from that era

  49. Janette Reeves says:

    I went to Pakeman St aged about 9. Probably in 1951. My sister was there at the same time. I was Janette and she was Carol Mehrtens. I still have a book which I got as a prize for good progress. I then went on to Tollington Park Central school.

  50. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi Ronnie Tayler, I’m sorry I don’t remember your name & you probably don’t remember me, but going by many of the names you mentioned in your post it seems like we were in the same year, possibly the same class at some time. My introductory class (& the rest of that year) was with Mrs. Moss so I guess we weren’t in the same class then. After that I was in Miss/Mrs? Singh’s class & the next & my final year at Pakeman (my family & me moved out of London) was with Mrs. Coathup, but she liked us to call her Gill because she said she wasn’t keen on her surname!
    The names Costas & Andrew ring a bell with me, now that you mention them. Also Tina, I had forgotten to mention her in my previous post but I do remember her. We were about the same height & were always the smallest in the class! I think her dad was Greek like mine & she had a younger sister called Katie. But wasn’t her surname Gabrielle? Was Miss O’Malley a younger teacher who wore mini-ish skirts & had a lot of dark hair that she wore in an updo? Stay safe everyone.

  51. Aww look at us in the “class of 2000” picture! You don’t know how happy you’ve made me by uploading this picture! I’m the boy in the third row from the bottom, third from left, and can name about 3/5ths of us; something about sayin’ “cheese” must’ve given me the giggles.

    Pakeman Primary, if possible could you upload more photos like this so that more people can share in this feeling that you’ve given me. Thanks!

  52. Ricardo piscina says:

    I was at this school from 1984 to 1990, Jill Harris was headmistress at the time, my year buried a time capsule into the little church that’s directly if not built into the school as they was building it!! I had great times at this school and made many good friends who I am still friends with

  53. Pete Soroczan says:

    Came across this site as was thinking about Mr Chambers. I went from 1970 to 74. I remember Paul Ross as a young dynamic teacher. I went to Deauville in 74 with Mr Chambers my first trip abroad. Loved every minute. Classmates I remember were Leo Montoute Stuart Burgess Anna Asia k, Lynne Perrott, Lonnie Locker. Would love to see year photo or any from Dean ville.

  54. Murad Khan says:

    Hi everyone!

    I can’t believe there’s a comment section! I attended this wonderful school between 93-98. I made great memories and had the most amazing teachers and friends. My favourite teacher was Eve Ioannou, I think that was her surname. Had great friends in school that I couldn’t keep in touch with, especially Micheal dukelow and his mum used to work at the school too and she was really lovely. Would be great if you have pictures from 93-98!

  55. GILL DUKELOW says:

    Hi Murad ,it’s Gill ..Michaels’ mum ….I remember you very well & have passed on your comments to him … he says to say “Hello” & that he thinks he still has one of your exercise books (by mistake)I’ll check in the loft & let you know : ) I still work at Pakeman , I’m the School Business Manager now, but I also went to Pakeman from 1965-1971 so a big Hello to anyone out there from the same time.
    Anyway so lovely to hear from you Murad . You can email me if you want to stay in touch gdukelow@pakeman.islington.sch.uk.

  56. Sally Lee says:

    My dad David Gibson was a pupil from 1950 – 1955.
    He emailed me two wonderful photos of the Queens coronation in 1953 showing the party the school held and the parent helpers.I have forwarded these photos to the school email address with a covering letter.I do hope they can be added to the gallery.

  57. I started at Pakeman Street school aged 9 in May 1945 at the end of WW2, having returned to London for the second time from being an evacuee. I lived in Birnam Road off Hornsey Road where we had been rehoused after our home in Sparsholt Road was destroyed in the Blitz. My memories of the school are inevitably sparse but it was where I was introduced to football to which I took an instant dislike, finding the asphalt playground highly uncomfortable when falling over. However I did learn quite quickly to say when asked that I supported Arsenal to save myself from being thumped by bigger, older boys. I don’t remember any of the teaching but it helped me get through the 11 plus to start at Highbury County grammar school for boys in 1947. 3 months after I started there, my father died. Two years later, my mother remarried and I left London for the third and last time. I remember the name of just one friend at Pakeman Street – Ram Krishnan Rayiru who lived in the buildings at the junction of Holloway Road and Caledonian Road.

  58. Christina says:

    My names christina gavriel (Tina)
    I went to pakeman primary school 4c then shelburne girls school 1-2
    Great schools ,great teachers
    Does anyone remember me or my sister katie ?!
    Great times ,i hope all the new children of today have a great time at school and lovely memories

  59. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi again Tina, just reading back through the comments I see I mentioned you in my comment addressed to Ronnie Tayler. I’ve also now noticed your first comment, so I was right, you are half Greek like me! I noticed you said to Maria about her sister ‘Christine’ but wasn’t she called Chrystalla or Christella & was in our class? Also didn’t Joan Gordon live in Berriman Rd. too? Take care.😃

  60. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi Tina I remember you & Katie! If you see my other comments, you will notice I mistakenly identified your surname as ‘Gabrielle’. Also I was thinking you are half Greek like me (?) I attended Pakeman school for the first three years before my family relocated. We were always the shortest in our class, though I think you were the tiniest fraction taller than me! I started in Mrs. Moss’ class then Mrs. Singh’s & finally in Gill’s (Mrs. Coathup). I think you were in all those classes too (?). I remember Katie (with you) sometimes being at play centre after school. I hope you & Katie are well, have you kept in touch with anyone from Pakeman?

  61. John Collins says:

    Hello Felicity!
    There isn’t a Reply button on all your messages so I’m writing here.
    I knew a girl, in the late 60’s- early 70’s, by the name of Yianni: Chrissie (Christine) Yianni. She lived off Holloway Road in Ada Lewis House, Dalmeny Avenue, though her family lived close by; Tollington Road rings a bell. They were going to emigrate to… the Shetlands! And she was going off to study philosophy at Newcastle University. Too much of a coincidence, methinks, for her not to be part of your family! Would you have any news of her? I’d love to know. You can contact me on gmail: j.p.collins95. I hope I’m not breaking the rules by giving my address; if so, could the monitor please just scratch that bit out!
    I know you don’t visit this sight very often but I’ll wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (I also watched an intriguing video of John Yianni in the Shetlands on YouTube; he has a very interesting life story.)
    Thank you.

  62. Antonio Albano says:

    I was a pupil from the mid 1960s. I left in 1970 and then went to St William of York, off Caledonian Road.

    The head at the time was Mr Faregrave who lived in Palmers Green to where I eventually moved!

    Very fond memories of an innocent time. Today’s kids just don’t know what they’re missing.

  63. Antonio Albano says:

    Felicity. Having just read all your comments, I think it was Michael that was my mate. Where did you all move to? I moved away in 1971 to Winchmore Hill.

  64. Antonio Albano says:

    Further to my earlier post, some of my class mates were, Chidi Ugola, Panos Panayi, Stephen Patrick, David Tillett, Michael & Dimitri (twins) Robert Tozen, Rob Buonanari. There were others but my memory fails me.

  65. Antonio Albano says:

    One of my posts is missing! Intended for Felicity. I lived in the house opposite the end of your garden. I think we used to call you “Tippy”? We used to spend hours in each other’s homes!!

  66. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi Antonio, I haven’t been on this site for a long time so I hadn’t seen your comments. You remember correctly, I was often called Tippy back then, mostly at home. Our back gardens did (partly) back on to each others, as I recall somehow they were a bit out of line & we also backed on to your neighbour, a Miss/Mrs. White/Whitehead I think. She used to get very irate with us if we knocked a ball into her garden, as an adult now I don’t blame her! You would have been in Arthur Street then?
    Don’t you have a younger brother called Costa/Costas who was in my class. I am the youngest of my family, I think you may have been the same age as my next sibling up, Michael (usually known as (Mick or Micky). The other siblings at home then were Virginia (Ginny) & Martha. I have older siblings too but they weren’t there all the time. Wow it’s like another lifetime!

  67. Felicity Yianni says:

    Now that I think of it, is your younger brother called Carlos & not Costas as I mentioned before?

  68. I went to Pakeman for a couple of years (late 60’s, early 70’suntil I moved to Newington Green. My teacher was a lovely Indian lady, Miss Tiara, I think. Does any anyone remember her?

  69. Janet Moverley says:

    Hi all , came across this and would like to contact anyone if they want too as well. My name was Janet Watkins and we lived at Shelbourne School n Shelbourne Rd where my dad, Charlie, was the caretaker. I went to Pakeman and my best friend was Virginia Yianni, loved her family very much. She lived very near me in Tollington Park Toad I think. Large loving family, I remember Martha, Michael and Michael Snr who was Italian I think. Mum knitted me a lovely dress on her knitting machine. xx They moved to Lerwick in the Shetland Isles , missed my friend so much. xx
    I went to ballet classes with Miss Hatton, I have a photo of myself and Doreen in Hungarian costume..with garlands of flowers in a super pose 😊😊, Mrs Rosenberg, who had sticky shape things we could stick to a ​large board to create a story, Mandy Doolan whose family had a fruit and veg shop and Tyrells, sweetie shop where we could get fab Cream Soda floats…so many memories…chat soon xxx

  70. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi Janet, I remember you! I am Felicity, Ginny’s (Virginia) youngest sibling. I remember you coming to our house (Tollington Road) with your dad to get measured up for your sweater dress. I seem to remember your dad joking it didn’t matter if my mum dropped some stitches when she was making your dress (on her machine) because you were a bit of a hippy(?!) & would like it that way! Mum assured him that it would all unravel if she left it like that! It’s amazing the things that can stick in your mind!
    You would have met my brother Michael (Mick/Micky) who is between Ginny & me in age & Martha who is older than Ginny. My dad was called Alex, not Michael Snr. He was Greek. We moved to the countryside in Shetland, not Lerwick which is our town. Take care.

  71. Kader Ziriat says:

    Hi Janet, I was a close friend of Mandy Doolan up to 1980. I worked abroad after that for a few years and could get in touch with her, as I was told they sold thè shop and moved sonewhere. If you have any news about her please let ne know. She was a great young lady full of ambition. This is the firsr time that I read her name by someone who knew her well. I was working for an Airlines then and she was keen to become a flight attendant. She even came to Chiswick to attend a few training lessons in computerised reservations. If you are still in touch kindly mention me as would be delighted to catch up with her after such a long time. Kind regards. Kader

  72. Chanise Murphy says:

    Terry Healey – my grandad Dennis murphy (just turned 80) remembers you! So I wanted to say hello from him to you! Hope you are keeping well!!

  73. Claudia Kirlew says:

    I was at Pakeman in late 70’s / 80’s . Does anyone Remember the school play The Snow Queen ? I was the snow Queen if anyone has any photos please please post . My teacher was Mr. Ellis then the lovely Mr. Simpson , head teacher Mr. Hayes .
    supporting staff . Mrs Short

  74. Alan Jenkins says:

    Hi my name is Alan jenkins
    I attended pakeman primary from 1966_1971
    I remember miss lacey and the headmaster mr Wilson who was a really good swimmer and gave us demonstrations at Hornsey Rd swimming baths
    I can still smell the parkey flooring and remember the pots and pans and the bakelite phone we used to play with
    Tens time tables and cricket matches in the playground
    The old outside toilets and watching the michael soberly sports centre being built
    I lived at 27 Holloway Rd
    I remember Bridget booster who lived next door and lungi masaro who won a drawing competition.
    I remember it all like it was yesterday
    Im now 60 years old.
    Love to hear from anyone xx

  75. Dr.Gill Coathup says:

    Hi Felicity
    I loved being a teacher at Pakeman. Best children and headteacher (Stuart Hayes) it was my first teaching job and I was so very lucky to be at Pakeman. I have always been a teacher and although I am 74 I am still doing a little teaching although now I teach teachers. Much to my delight one of my children is a teacher
    Very warmest wishes to you.

  76. Felicity Yianni says:

    Hi Gill, thank you for replying. I haven’t been on the site for ages so I’m just catching up. I have good memories of Pakeman too, especially your class which was the last one I was in before my family moved. Mr. Hayes was a lovely head teacher, do you have any knowledge of him now? Take care.

  77. Headteacher says:

    Dear all,
    I am currently the headteacher at Pakeman Primary School and I love reading all your comments/memories. I was thinking about organising an afternoon when you could all come and visit Pakeman, see how it has changed and have refreshments together when we can all tell each other Pakeman stories. Please let me know what you think about the idea. Thank you, Emma

  78. John Yianni says:

    Hi Emma, I hope you are keeping well.I think that’s a great idea!..I for one would consider it to be an emotional and very special day….I was a pupil there from 1972-1977 with great memories!….regards and best wishes,John

  79. Sarah Attard says:

    I think that would be a lovely idea. I attended from 1972-79. Sarah Laws

  80. Debbie Smith says:

    Think thats a lovely idea would love to go back in the school

  81. Kathy Davis, I read your comment with great interest, as you seem to be a contemporary of mine! I am Ian Suter and attended PS in the late forties and early fifties, and can clearly recall all the staff names you refer to. I fully concur with all your statements! One of my clearest memories relates to 6th February 1952, when Miss Nevill announced to our class that the King had died!
    Just 70 years until the next one!

  82. John Stanners says:

    I have just caught up with your message and would love to come to a Reunion afternoon. I was at Pakeman St 1950 – 1954 and have great memories of very happy times there and of all the teachers others have referred to, especially Miss Hatton who somehow got me and others through the 11 plus. Best Wishes. John Stanners

  83. Roberto Molinari says:

    Hi to all the former pupils at what was the best Junior School ever. I attended from 1964 to 1969. I was in Mr Beadles Class. I remember Miss Cross Infant Headmistress.
    Mr Chambers, Miss Lacey, Miss O’Malley to name a few. My brother Pietro was in the infants and my last year at Pakeman.
    Many people I remember
    Lorraine QUINN, Mark Butler, Geraldine YULE, Stephen & Leslie BLOHM.
    Paul VINOGRADOFF & Stephen VINOGRADOFF( Their Nother taught at Pakeman). Colin Martindale, Susan BALDWIN, Clinton MORRISON, Kim WHEATLEY to name a few. I am visiting the old school today to see what it is like now and reminisce.
    Will add to this subsequent to my visit
    Best regards to all

    Roberto Molinari

  84. Brian Field says:

    My name is Brian Field. I moved from the infants class in Shelburne Road School to Pakeman Street Junior School in September 1943. I lived in a terraced Victorian house on Tollington Road which was demolished in the Sixties to make way for the New Harvist Estate. Daytime air raid warnings were still quite frequent in 1943 and there must have been some disruption of lessons. I remember the walls of sandbags which protected the School’s ground floor windows against bomb blast and brown packing tape crisscrossing windows on the upper floors to protect against flying glass. We drank freezing cold milk from third of a pint bottles in the lower hall and from time to time a nurse would come to the School to run a comb through our hair checking for head lice. School assembly was taken in the hall every morning by Miss Neville with all the form teachers present. Prayers were said and hymns like Onward Christian Soldiers and Eternal Father Strong to Save, appropriate for the time, were sung. In my final year, I was in Miss Hatton’s class. A lovely lady whom I remember being very tall and very keen on ballet dancing. Like Alan Bush, another pupil who has commented and whose name I faintly remember, I passed the 11+ , in no small measure due to Miss Hatton, and started at Highbury County Grammar School in September 1947. All my memories of those years at Pakeman Street are happy ones. I wish the School well.

  85. Headteacher says:

    Hi all! I’m Emma and I’m the headteacher at Pakeman Primary School!

    I know using Go Fund Me for a school is an unusual fundraiser but our school needs your help! The percentage of UK local authority maintained primary schools in deficit has rocketed 62% in a year to its highest level since current records began.

    For the year 2024/2025 starting in April, our school budget only stretches to meet the basic needs of our children and to pay the salaries of our staff. By next year we will be stable financially again because one of our local schools is sadly likely to close due to low pupil numbers in our area. This will save us from April 2025 but we need help for NOW!

    Can you help us to make learning engaging? Can you help us to have adult support for all our children with additional needs? Can you help us to maintain our school site?

    The impact this will have on our children will be unmeasurable! Please help us!


    Please send this to anyone you know that might be able to help!
    Thank you

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