We are very proud of the Extended School and the extra experiences that the children are able to access at Pakeman. We offer a breakfast club, a playcentre and a wide range of before and after school clubs.

Please note there are changes to normal provision due to Covid-19. Please ring the school office for more information.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open from 8.00am until the start of school every day. The children are offered a healthy breakfast before joining in with various activities.


The playcentre provides an enjoyable environment for all children from the end of school until 6.00pm every evening, with qualified staff on duty. We have lots of fun and the children help to plan what activities they would like to do each week, e.g. crafts, games, cooking, drama, quiet chill out time and other opportunities.


There are many extra curricular activities provided as part of the Extended School. Please see Layla in the school office for more details or click here for the current timetable.

Shine on Saturday

At Pakeman, we have Saturday provision as well.

Shine on Saturday is an educational programme run on Saturdays, which is aimed at providing additional learning hours to boost attainment in maths and English, as well as building confidence, self-esteem and encouraging more positive attitudes to learning. SHINE on Saturday offers a mixture of class-based creative and practical learning, as well as enrichment activities, during term time for 25 weeks of the school year.

Our project is funded by the Richard Reeve’s Foundation and offers places for 80 children. It is run in collaboration with 4 other local schools – Montem, Ambler, Drayton Park and Duncombe.


Children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are targeted for Shine. There is a high staff-to-pupil ratio and regular opportunities are built in for enrichment. The classes are vertically grouped, so that year 6 pupils and year 4 pupils might mix and work alongside each other. Each term focusses on a particular topic (e.g. inventions), with a strong emphasis on engagement, enrichment and activity-based learning around the central theme.

SHINE on Saturday is not just about helping students to pass their exams; it offers an opportunity to foster a love of learning, promote positive learning behaviours and ultimately aims to counter inequality and disadvantage to improve life chances and increase social and cultural equity and mobility.