What We Do

Alongside the senior leadership team at Pakeman, governors are responsible for deciding on the strategic direction of the school.

The role of the Governors is to:

  • Set the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of pupils and the performance of staff
  • Oversee the school’s financial performance and ensure its money is well spent

This includes contributing to decisions on:

  • vision and values
  • staffing
  • curriculum
  • finance
  • premises
  • behaviour and standards
  • equality and inclusion
  • health, safety and safeguarding
  • extended school
  • special educational needs
  • parental and community engagement

We fulfil statutory duties to ensure that the school is a safe, healthy and inclusive place.
We support and challenge the school leadership team, acting as a ‘critical friend’.
We provide links to other schools in Islington.
We each contribute our experience and expertise to drive school improvement forward.
We meet in committees and once a term as a full Governing Body.


Pakeman Primary School currently has 10 governors:

  • 5 are co-opted community governors
  • 1 is appointed by the local authority
  • 2 is elected by parents
  • 1 is elected by staff and finally;
  • the governing body also includes the headteacher

The Deputy Head and School Business Manager also attend Governing Body Meetings.

Parent governors play a vital role on the Governing Body and their contribution is greatly valued. If you are interested in becoming a parent governor, please contact Janet Convery, Chair of Governors, via the school office.

Please click here for a copy of Pakeman Primary School’s Instrument of Government.

Organisation of Committees

The committees are organised as follows:

  • Resources Committee (Finance, Premises and Staffing)
  • Curriculum Committee (Standards and Curriculum)
  • Pay Committee

Governors Appointed to the Resources Committee:

  • Gregor Poynton, Committee Chair
  • Janet Convery
  • Marta Tildesley
  • Emma Bonnin, Headteacher
  • Gill Dukelow
  • Laura Popazzi
  • Bashir Ibrahim
  • Molly Flowers

Governors Appointed to the Standards and Curriculum Committee:

  • Sara Evans, Committee Chair
  • Janet Convery
  • Amal Esselmi
  • Maria Farress
  • Emma Bonnin, Head teacher

Pay Committee:

  • Marta Tildesley
  • Gregor Poynton

Link Governance

We have a system of link governance in place. Where possible, governors are linked to areas of the School Improvement Plan. Current link governor arrangements are:

  • Safeguarding and inclusion (SEND): Marta Tidesley and subject lead – Tracey Gulliford
  • Curriculum and broader experiences: Sara Evans, Amal Esselmi and subject lead – Emma Bonnin
  • Maths: Laura Popazzi and subject lead – Ben Sadler
  • English: Maria Farress and subject lead – Rebecca Pedelty
  • Achievement at Greater Depth: Gregor Poynton and subject lead – Ben Sadler and Rebecca Pedelty
  • Well-being and Attendance: Bashir Ibrahim and subject leads Tracey Gulliford, Arlene Scott, Marcia Harris, Natalie Broomes and Estelle Bevis-Murrain.
  • Outdoor learning and Play: Molly Flowers and subject lead – Rob Gutteridge


Contacting the governors: We welcome the views of parents and are always happy to discuss any concerns or ideas you may have to improve the school. Parent governors are often available in the playground before or after school (you can identify us from the noticeboard just inside the front door), or you can leave a message for us in the office.

Declarations of Interests

Governing Body Membership