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At Pakeman we aim to make the school a place where children can explore the world of science and their curiosity can be let loose! We aim to teach topics in an interactive, fun and memorable way. Children are encouraged to think and work scientifically, which is a major part of the new curriculum and is at the heart of every science topic. We see investigations as the driving force of science teaching and learning.

Science is embedded throughout the curriculum to ensure the children are taught the skills and knowledge they need for the future. In addition, all the work that the children do in their science topics is a tool to support learning in literacy and maths.

Look at Pakeman in action!

Science Lab

We are delighted that our new science lab has opened. The lab offers a fantastic space for children to be inspired by science and build their scientific skills, knowledge and understanding. We have already had some amazing workshops and lessons and really look forward to developing high quality science provision across the school.

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The Lab

Our fabulous Science Lab  officially opened in September 2016.  We are now looking to bring scientific expertise into the school through appointing a scientist in residence and there are many more exciting learning opportunities, including scientific investigations, planned for all classes who will have learning time in the lab. Hopefully, we will be inspiring the children, and creating some brilliant scientists for the future!

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Early Years and the Foundation Stage

From an early age children ask the question ‘Why?’ As parents and teachers we may not always have the answers to these questions but it can be fun trying to find out and make sense of what is happening all around us. Children in the nursery learn through science every day. We have a great outside learning environment which has a large digging, sandpit and growing area. This helps the children actively learn and investigate.

Key Stage 1 and 2

Our curriculum has science embedded throughout. We teach science in an extremely creative way. Our curriculum is taught using science topics where children are encouraged to actively engage in science through investigations and practical lessons. Children are encouraged to think scientifically from an early age by carrying out a variety of investigations.

Primary Science is split into four areas:

  • Scientific Enquiry (Working scientifically)
  • Life Processes and Living Things
  • Materials and their Properties
  • Physical Processes

Our Science curriculum is as follows:

  • Year 1 – Plants, animals (including humans), everyday materials, seasonal changes
  • Year 2 – All living things and their habitats, plants, animals (including humans), uses of everyday materials
  • Year 3 – Plants, animals (including humans), rocks, light, forces and magnets
  • Year 4 -Living things and their habitats, animals (including humans), states of matter, sound, electricity
  • Year 5 – Living things and their habitats, animals (including humans), properties and changes of materials, earth and space, forces
  • Year 6 – Living things and their habitats, animals (including humans), evolution and inheritance, light, electricity