We are delighted that our children got the opportunity to do some recording on our radio station which developed their communication, literacy and team-working skills, built confidence and gave pupils a voice.


The children at Pakeman Primary were involved in writing, recording and producing our shows. Click on the links below to listen to the broadcasts we have made.

Scientist Cary Colgan – Interviewed by Amari

Climate Scientists Ronan McAdam and Goody Goodwin


Nicky’s World Voyage – Interviewed by Suzan and Jessica

Science Ambassadors – Yasmin and Rehane interviewed by Rosie

Science Ambassadors – Hannah and Amy interviewed by Jessica

Science Ambassadors – Danae and Nadir interviewed by Lee

Groosham Grange

Chatterbooks Discussion

Singer Julian Stocker (Minerva Scientifica)

Christmas Adventure Play

Composer Judith Weir composer (Minerva Scientifica)

Clin Psychologist Prof Elizabeth Kuipers (Minerva Scientifica)

Artistic Director Frances M Lynch & Herbie Clarke- (Minerva Scientifica) 

Composer Cheryl Frances – Hoad – (Minerva Scientifica) 

Composer Shirley J Thompson – (Minerva Scientifica)

Prof Ellen Solomon Dr Claire Sharpe 

Prof Brian Sutton/Dr Gillian Sales (Minerva Scientifica)

Antarctica George Hart

Jungle Book 


Pupil Interviewing Simon Chandler

Poetry Club Compilation 

Pupil Interviewing Vicki On Ballroom Dancing

Pupil Interviewing Opera Singer Danae Eleni

Year 6 Advert Competition – Done Team Advert

Year 6 Advert Competition – Elite Squad Advert

Year 6 Advert Competition – Light Bulb Advert

Year 6 Advert Competition – Empire Stars Advert

Year 6 Advert Competition – Sparks Advert

Year 1 and 2 Hector and the Big Bad Knight

Pupil Interviewing Amy Smith about Journalism

Pupil Interviewing Sophy Crosby about Geology

Year 5 and 6 Spooky Hill Radio Play

Good Read Double Act

Poet of the Year Interview

Good Read Pupil Interview

Interview with Norwegian Visitors to Pakeman School

Interview with Jon Buck about the Lodge