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The children in EYFS cover a different set of topics in each year group. These have been selected to match the interests and key texts suited to each stage learning and development within the Early Years.

2 Plus

In the Autumn term, our topics are ‘All About Me’ and ‘Nursery Rhymes’, giving children the opportunity to develop a sense of identity and develop key language and attention skills.

In the Spring term our topics are ‘Favourite Stories’ and ‘Transport’. Children will become familiar with a selection of popular core texts and explore the names and key features of a range of transport vehicles.

In the Summer term our topics are ‘Down at the Farm’ and ‘Under the Sea’ in which we will look the names and habitats or different animals and sea life.


In the Autumn term, our topics are ‘Marvellous Me’ and ‘Building & Construction’. Children will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves; parts of the body, family, and emotions. During our ‘Building & Construction’ topic we will look at different types of building and construction materials, and explore how things work.

In the Spring term our topics are ‘Songs & Rhymes’ and ‘Dinosaurs’. Through songs and rhymes children will begin to understand rhyme, rhythm and continue to develop their language and vocabulary. We will explore the names and features of different dinosaurs, focus on past tense vocabulary and explore creating storylines through small world play.

In the Summer term our topics are ‘People Who Help Us’ and ‘On Safari’ in which we will explore different occupations and look at the importance of dental hygiene, fire safety and ‘stranger danger’. During our ‘On Safari’ topic we will learn about the features and habitats of less familiar animals and enjoy exploring different parts of the world through small world and role-play.


In the Autumn term, our topics are ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Bears’. Children will have the opportunity to further understand themselves as an individual, looking at similarities and differences between themselves and others. During our ‘Bears’ topic children look at a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and explore differences between past and present.

In the Spring term our topics are ‘What We Eat’ and ‘Traditional Tales’. We will look at how to keep healthy, find out where our food comes from and look at different foods and recipes from around the world. Through becoming familiar with popular traditional tales we will develop our use of story language and understanding of story characters. We will begin to use our recently acquired writing skills to write speech bubbles, greetings cards, invitations, and character profiles linked to the stories we read.​

In the Summer term our topics are ‘Spring’ and ‘Adventures’. We will explore the different minibeasts, life-cycles and growth linked to ‘Spring’ and learn how to care for plants and living things. During our ‘Adventures’ topic we will explore fiction texts that explore a range of adventures, including pirates, space, safari and adventures under the sea. This will support us in developing our own imaginative ideas and creating storylines and books.

Thematic curriculum map EYFS – 2 Plus

Thematic curriculum map EYFS – Nursery

Thematic curriculum map EYFS – Reception