Ogden Trust – Pakeman Physics Extravaganza Day

Children from Reception to year 6 enjoyed fantastic workshops in the science lab recently.   The workshops were run by Sublime Science and were generously provided through funding from the Ogden Trust.  Post Covid, and after so much home learning, the Ogden Trust were very keen to help Pakeman children reignite their enthusiasm for science in the school lab.  Through the workshops, the children were particularly encouraged to think about some of the amazing aspects of physics as part of the science curriculum.    The children were asked to think about how to solve problems in physics and taught why some things do what they do.

Through the demonstrations they discovered:

· How sound works through vibrating air molecules.

· The principle behind how objects heavier than air fly.

· How escaping air/gas can create a forward pushing motion called thrust

· How the physics of slime and the chemistry of slime are quite different

The children had a great time in their workshops.

We are very grateful to the Ogden Trust for supporting and funding this Pakeman Physics Extravaganza Day initiative.