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Autumn term:

We are setting sail for the rocky coastline of the Mediterranean this term, learning all about the civilisation of Ancient Greece and how it has impacted the world we know today. We will read The Adventures of Odysseus, a version of Homer’s famous epic poem, as well as other marvellous myths where we will meet many monsters, gods and heroes. In Science we will be studying Forces.

Spring term:

In the Spring our focus turns from history to geography, with our Weather and Climate topic; we will read Marcus Sedgwick’s exciting novel Floodland, which imagines a world blighted by the effects of climate change. Then we move onto Homelessness, focussing on the wonderful book Way Home.

Summer term:

Summer term sees us studying the important story of the Windrush generation, their wonderful contribution to life in Britain, and the many problems they faced in their brave struggle for a better life which ended in the horrendous Windrush scandal of 2018. Benjamin Zephaniah’s evocative book Windrush Child helps us understand some of the human stories which took place.