TastEd at Pakeman

This term, Marcia has been spending time with year 1 and 2 children exploring food, through TastEd sensory sessions.  In their first two sessions,  the children enjoyed handling tomatoes and clementines.  It was great watching the children discover new healthy foods.  So far, when exploring the foods, they have focussed on the first two senses – sight and touch.

Using their sense of touch the children explored the skin of the clementines.  Some of our children said the skin was like a hat or bumpy hills.  Some also said it felt like gooses bumps on their hands.


TasteEd is a sensory scheme which offers children a positive exposure to fruit and vegetables.  The aim of the scheme is that it will lead to children becoming more willing to try a range of healthy foods.   For more details:  TastEd