A Window into years 5 and 6

Artwork in Years 5 and 6

As visitors have unable to come into our classrooms in recent months, we thought it would be lovely to showcase some of the amazing artwork that is going on in our year groups.

In Year 5 and 6 topic lessons, they have been learning about the history of art.  They started by looking at prehistoric art and created their own cave paintings using charcoal and pastels. They then looked at key artists throughout history including, Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet , Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. For each artist, they found out about their lives and their work and had a go at recreating some of their most famous works of art. For the rest of the topic they intend to explore some famous women artists and how art changed over time from realistic to the abstract and surreal!




Both years 5 and 6 have just finished reading ‘The Savage’ by David Almond. They really enjoyed reading this book, which is part graphic novel, part story. The book is narrated by a young boy called Blue who starts writing his own story called ‘The Savage’ about a wild boy who lives in the woods and gets up to all sorts of adventures. Writing this story is Blue’s way of dealing with the death of his father and it also helps him to sort out a problem he is having with a bully called Hopper. Check out some of these fantastic illustrations the children have done in class based on the savage’s adventures.