Science Lab

We are delighted that our new science lab has opened. The lab offers a fantastic space for children to be inspired by science and build their scientific skills, knowledge and understanding. We have already had some amazing workshops and lessons and really look forward to developing high quality science provision across the school.

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2+ Centre

We are excited that we now have a fabulous 2 year old centre. Demand for 2 year old places is high and we are delighted to be in a position to support families in the local community. Through the centre we aim to support improved educational outcomes for children and provide improved continuity of care for families.

New Library

We are delighted with our new library. We have purchased over £12,000 worth of new books and this new space has really helped to raise the profile of reading in the school. We have a librarian who reads to children, runs reading groups and our pupils do a fantastic job as library monitors.

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The Lodge

We would like to thank the Goldman Sachs Partners who made the building of our new lodge possible through their generous donation to the school. We have an amazing new building which has transformed what we are able to achieve. Thank you so much!!!!

That the Lodge would make a big difference to us here at Pakeman was undoubted from the start, but no one here quite anticipated the amazing benefits to the whole school community and beyond, of this incredible space. The Lodge has made a profound difference to us and we are enormously grateful to the Goldman Sachs’ partners who have made realising dreams at Pakeman School happen in so many ways. Please click here to see just how the Lodge made a difference in the first year of opening.


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