Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Please click here for a list of staff roles and responsibilities.

Please click here for our staffing map showing line management.

School Uniform

It is expected that children wear the correct school uniform. Please click here for more information about the correct uniform.  Please make sure that clothing is marked with your child’s name!

Pakeman Primary School’s uniform supplier is School Uniform Scotland. Click here to place your order with them.

The prices of school uniform items are the same for all sizes.

Polo shirt with school logo: £8

Sweatshirt with school logo: £10

Fleece with school logo: £15

First class delivery costs £4.50 and Second class delivery costs £3.50

Pakeman school bags are not available from the supplier’s website. They should be purchased from the school office for £4 each.


Please note that for safety reasons children are not permitted to wear jewellery at school. Plain stud earrings are allowed. Friendship bracelets are not permitted.

Lost Property

Enquiries about lost items should be made to the class teacher. Lost property is stored on the ground floor.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are NOT permitted in school. Any children bringing phones to school for travel purposes must hand them in to the school office at the beginning of the day.

Medicines in school

Medicines must be handed in to the school office each morning and collected when needed. All medicines, ointments and inhalers must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and the dose. A form is available from the office that needs to be signed by a parent / guardian on which we ask you to provide full instructions for the administration of any medicine.

Children who become ill in school will be cared for and comforted until you can collect them. Please make sure that the school has your telephone number as well as a second contact number in case of an emergency.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Like all organisations that keep or process personal data, we have been updating our systems and policies to take account of the new general data protection regulation (GDPR); which applies from the end of May 2018. The regulation gives more control to individuals over their personal information. It also places far more responsibility on organisations that collect and hold personal information to keep that information safe and secure.

As a result of the regulation we have:

  • Updated our Data Protection policies and Online Safety policy.
  • Conducted an audit to make sure we are only holding information that is relevant for Pakeman children and the safety of the entire school community.
  • Issued a new privacy notice that explains how we collect, process and store personal data.
  • Improved our technology so that staff can only access any school data away from school over a secure server rather than through any data storage devices.
  • Had staff and Governor training on keeping information safe and on the Data Protection Regulation

There are more details in the Data Protection policy which makes clear the circumstances under which any personal data can be shared outside the school. For example, we will need explicit consent from you if we want to use your child’s photo in published material like brochures of funding applications or directly on a page of the website or newsletter. The policy also outlines the new rights individuals have to see information we hold about themselves and their child and describes how you can go about getting this information.

We will regularly update parents on any information relating to the regulation in newsletters. If after reading the new policies you have any questions or want more information, please contact the school office.

For further information on the GDPR please see the following documents:

Pakeman Primary School Data Protection Policy – June 2018
Pakeman Primary School Online Safety Policy
Freedom of Information and Publication Policy- June 2018
Information Retention and Records Management Policy and Schedule
Pakeman Primary School Privacy Notice Parents and Carers

Please click here for the Department for Education’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme for Schools.