The Early Years topic is ‘The Farm’. The children have had lots of fun doing work based around farm stories and animals and have taken part in a wide range of activities. Aren’t they amazing?

Last week, 2+ centre children read and listened to the ‘Down on the farm’ story and song. They chose their favourite animal in the story, thought about why they like it and the important job it does on the farm, and played the ‘Guess who I am’ animal game. This week, the children listened to stories, songs and rhymes. They read the ‘Oink’ story, sang the rhyme ‘This little Piggy went to market’, listened to the story and song about ‘The three pigs and the big bad wolf’ and visited Kentish Town Farm online. They also watched a clip of how mummy pigs care for and feed their  babies, learned animal names and linked sounds through animal matching games, finding out what they like to eat and how the animals help get some of the foods we eat. Some of the children have been making animals and farm to the table plates, creating farm foods and counting the animals they see. Some children have even been number writing. How clever is that?