Thank you to Megan and Maddy of Encounter Edu who came into school and ran a fantastic science workshop with a group of Year 5 children during science week. The children really enjoyed learning about Artic animals, including how they keep warm in the very coldest of conditions on Earth, and how they use camouflage for protection too. Megan and Maddy did a really exciting experiment with the children about  Polar Bears, which involved them using margarine around their hands to simulate blubber. Once they did this they plunged their hands into icy water to see how blubber works to stop Polar Bears freezing. One of the children said: ‘That was so much fun and now I understand how Polar Bears can live in freezing conditions’.

Encounter Edu designs and delivers STEM and global learning programmes inside and outside the classroom.  One of their current projects is the Artic live event, and you can find out all about this at: