A Metropolitan Police Officer paid Pakeman a visit this week to give all of Year 6 a talk about an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in fighting crime – and doing all sorts of fun activities while they are being trained up.

Anyone can join the Police Cadet force (there’s a £2 entry fee), with meet-ups once a week on Wednesdays. The children watched a video of children who had obviously formerly had behaviour issues talking about how their experiences – being given responsibility and leadership roles – had boosted self-confidence and helped to turn their young lives around.

There will also be the opportunity to go on a week-long training camp, which involves activities including assault courses and orienteering.

In addition, children will get to meet and chat to police officers working in different fields of law enforcement, learning more about forensics and crowd control, among other things. Judging by the number of hands that went up at the end of the session, we might have produced quite a few Pakeman cadets.