The World Of Pakeman Bear

December has been a busy month for Pakeman Bear.  He visited many classrooms to spread his message of kindness and goodwill to others.  He watched closely as children did some lovely festive activities for their classrooms and had some parties to celebrate the end of a very busy Autumn term.


In November the Nursery Teddy celebrated his 4th birthday and the nursery children decided to throw him a birthday party.


The children invited Pakeman Bear along to join them.  He was very excited and got all dressed up for the event. The nursery children made him a lovely, sparkly hat to wear at the party.

Pakeman Bear was made to feel very welcome.

He ate far too many cakes!

The children had a lovely party and spent the day eating delicious treats and playing some great party games.

Happy 4th Birthday Nursery Bear!