This year, all Early Years children at Pakeman have started to take home a weekly nursery rhyme to share and learn. Nursery rhymes can play an extensive role in the learning and development of very young children all the way through to Reception and beyond, but this may not always be obvious. So, some of the key reasons why singing nursery rhymes and songs is important are: 

  • It enhances listening skills
  • It improves concentration skills
  • It raises phonemic awareness
  • It leads to an understanding of rhyme
  • It provides opportunities for practising counting and maths skills
  • Children learn how to listen for and keep a steady beat
  • It involves oral storytelling/poetry skills, retelling stories and chants without using a book – and good oral storytellers become great story writers!
  • Nursery rhymes and songs contain a rich range of language

Research shows that when comparing the attainment of school age children in literacy, those with a good understanding of rhyme from an early age greatly outperformed those who had little exposure to it before they started school.

The adult has an important role in singing nursery rhymes and songs

  • Be confident
  • Sing songs slowly and clearly
  • Use a clear tone
  • Use props to support the songs
  • Use actions or pictures for support