Years 3 and 4 took on the exciting subject of inventions following consideration of Sir Thomas Gainsborough’s portrait of John Joseph Merlin, a famous inventor. Their first activity was to examine a list of some of Merlin’s most famous inventions. They then listed these inventions in order of most to least useful, in their opinion, writing a sentence to justify their choice of most useful invention. The children’s next task was to create a poster advertising one of Merlin’s inventions. Finally, they turned their attention to becoming inventors themselves, drawing and labelling their inventions, and writing a paragraph to explain what the invention is and why it is useful.

Well done to Years 3 and 4 who came up with some incredible inventions, including a food robot that cooks and serves food (we could all do with one of those!),  a house cleaning robot (another must have!) and even a cheer up robot that spreads joy and happiness (what more could you want?!)  Have a look at these and other wonderful inventions below.