‘We are really happy to introduce our new Chair of Governors, Janet Convery, to you and would like to say a big thank you to all the governors for the time they give and the knowledge, skills and experience they bring to the school. Janet has kindly written the following piece for the newsletter as an introduction to our families:

I am delighted to be appointed as Chair of Governors at Pakeman. When I first walked into the school last summer I was so impressed by the warm culture of the school, the caring dedicated staff and the eager young learners. Having lived on the Harvist Estate in the 1980s, it was also a return to the part of London where I started my career.

Throughout that career, the right of every child to a quality education has been a driving force.  I began as a science teacher in Tottenham and Hackney and went on to help develop the curriculum in other areas working with local education authorities and the government. For many years I worked with the Global Campaign for Education. Backed by Nelson Mandela, the campaign helped to ensure access to education for primary school children in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Sometimes that access was very basic. I have worked with schools where there is no running water, very little equipment and where children sit on the ground and learn under the shade of a tree. Wherever children go to school they all have similar levels of curiosity, creativity and imagination. The future is theirs and they all deserve the opportunity to reach their potential. I’m looking forward to working with the governors and your excellent leadership team to ensure that this is the case for all children at Pakeman.’