This term our tiny tots in the 2+ Centre are exploring traditional stories and rhymes. In addition to enjoying listening to and engaging with these stories and rhymes, these activities are enhancing the children’s attention and listening skills during familiar stories and also starting to develop their recall and sequencing skills. The children have been focusing on the story of ‘The Three Pigs’, creating props such as the wolf and houses through art activities using a range of one-handed tools, such as pens, paintbrushes and scissors. They have also been role-playing the characters of ‘the three pigs’ and the ‘big bad wolf’ and constructing their houses using different materials, such as Lego, straw, wood and bricks. In addition, they have been looking at the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and enjoying imitating roaring bears.

The 2+ children were also delighted to have an exciting story read to them by a storytelling group from Islington about how we all come from different types of families . The children enjoyed being involved in the story and happily got into the role of artists when painting objects such a ‘red bus’. The children proudly took part in a friendly musical march around the nursery, waving their instruments and rainbow flags singing “We are proud”.