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Nursery – Autumn investigation

Notice the weather changing? Here is a lovely activity that you can try with your child whilst out and about during the holidays. Aimed to encourage your child to begin to ask questions about the changes in the weather and look more closely at similarities and differences in the world around them. Instructions below.

Leaf rubbing

Step 1: Visit a local park or green space and collect different types of leaves. Look for different colours, crispy leaves or big and small ones. Discuss similarities and differences in the way they look.

Step 2: Choose your favourite leaf and place it underneath a piece of white paper. Use a crayon or pastel to gently rub over the top of the paper to create a print of the leaf. Repeat with the other leaves and talk about how the rubbings differ.

Step 3: Bring your leaf rubbings back to share with the nursery. We will add them to our autumn display.

Questions to ask your child: Why do the leaves change colour and fall off the trees? Why are they dry and crispy? Why do trees have different leaves? How many different types of leaves can you find? What changes do you notice in the weather? How can you take care of your body when the weather is colder?

We are collecting leaves, conkers, acorns, sticks and natural objects for our autumn investigation tray so please bring in any you find.

Please feel free to talk to a member of staff if you need any support or guidance. Happy investigating!