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Letter formation and handwriting in EYFS

During their time in nursery, children will learn to form the letters in their names. This quickly progresses to writing words and then sentences in reception. As children rapidly learn to form new letters,  they can also quickly form bad habits which are difficult to correct later on.

Parents and carers can play a vital role in ensuring these mistakes are corrected early on to ensure they don’t become long-lasting habits.

So what can you do to help?

  •  Avoid teaching CAPITAL LETTERS. Many parents teach their child to write their name using capital letters as they contain mostly straight lines so are easier for young children to form. However, at school children are taught that capital letters are only used for the first letter of their names and to start a sentence. Once a child learns to write their name in capital letters it is very difficult for them re-learn it using lowercase letters.
  • Teach the correct letter formation from the start. Again, it is very difficult to break habits later on so teaching the correct letter formation from the beginning avoids having to relearn how to form them.

The picture displays the correct formation of lowercase letters.

Doorway Online is a useful website, showing animated letter formation. You can find the link here: Doorway Online Letter Formation


If you have any questions or require any further information please speak to a member of the EYFS staff.