Team Leaders

At Pakeman, each phase is led by a Team Leader. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that the quality of provision in the phase is of high quality. Teams plan together to ensure consistency and to enable the sharing of ideas and best practice.

Team Leaders are responsible for:

  • Setting high expectations and being positive role models.
  • Ensuring consistent implementation of school initiatives and non-negotiables
  • Ensuring high quality assessment and moderation of pupils in the team.
  • Ensuring high quality planning across the team.
  • Monitoring and developing the quality of teaching in the team (team teaching, modelling lessons, releasing teachers to observe best practice and providing support and guidance).
  • Monitoring and developing the quality of marking and work in books.
  • Ensuring effective use of data to track achievement across the¬†phase.
  • Planning and implementing effective interventions to ensure children make rapid progress.

Support Staff

Support staff play a very important role in our school.  Click here to see the ways in which they make a difference at Pakeman.