Team Leader Model

At Pakeman we are determined to ensure that children receive at least good teaching on a day to day basis. As the research below shows the quality of teaching in a school can have a significant impact on outcomes for pupils.

team leader

In order to ensure we have high quality teaching and address any inconsistencies, we have developed a “Practice and Expectations” document which has been implemented across the school. In addition to this, we have established a Team Leader Model to address any “within school variance” and increase the percentage of outstanding teaching. This model places an additional non-class based teacher across KS1 and KS1 and a class-based team leader in the EYFS.

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Team Leaders are responsible for:

  • Setting high expectations and being positive role models.
  • Ensuring consistent implementation of school initiatives and our “Pakeman Practice and Expectations”.
  • Ensuring high quality assessment and moderation of pupils in the team.
  • Ensuring high quality planning across the team.
  • Monitoring and developing the quality of teaching in the team (team teaching, modelling lessons, releasing teachers to observe best practice and providing support and guidance).
  • Monitoring and developing the quality of marking and work in books.
  • Ensuring effective use of data to track achievement across the phase.
  • Planning and implementing effective interventions to ensure children make rapid progress.
  • Ensuring consistency in terms of behaviour and learning by covering staff who are absent.
  • Supporting positive behaviour for learning of pupils.

Support Staff

Support staff play a very important role in our school.  Click here to see the contribution they make to Pakeman.