Science News

Hello Everyone,

We are certainly having a wonderful year in the ShineLab at Pakeman.  As the new Scientist in Residence I have been very lucky to work with all classes from year 1 to 6 as well as a number of smaller groups.  We have covered a huge amount of science and scientific skills!  We have learnt about planets and volcanoes, rocks and meteorites.  We have started engineering projects, tested theories and worked with real life engineers!  If you would like to see exactly what we have been up to please follow our twitter page @ShineLab_1.  We have also started our Science Ambassadors’ programme.  From over 30 applications we picked a crack-team of 7 scientists from years 5 and 6 who will be organising and helping out at loads of science events throughout the year.   Now, without further ado, I give you our first update from our Pakeman Science Ambassadors…

Tom, Scientist in Residence at Pakeman

Science Ambassador Newsletter from Amy and Yasmin – November 2017

The New Team!

Last week we (the science ambassadors) have had our first ever meeting.  We discussed a lot of things and are very excited about what we can achieve this year.


We are planning to help out at the Tuesday Lunchtime science club.  Please ask any of the following science ambassadors for information:

Amy, Yasmin, Danae, Rehane, Nadir, Hannah or Ramisaa

We are very happy to be at your service and would like to thank Pakeman for letting us give you this wonderful opportunity to participate in these clubs. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Family Science Plans

The family science fair @ Gillespie Primary School is coming soon. The Pakeman ambassadors will be there and there will be experiments for you and your family to try. If you would like to attend this amazing fair, it will be after school.  We will keep you updated with the plans for the fair.

Christmas Fair

The Christmas fair will also have Christmas related science experiments. There will be stalls for everyone.

How our meetings run

The science ambassadors meetings are every Tuesday at 8:30am and what we do is discuss our ideas for what we can do in science at Pakeman.  Every meeting we have a chair and a vice chair and the people doing this change every week. The chair’s job is to run the meeting and the vice chair’s job is to do this when the chair is not there. We also have a model ear – only the person holding the model ear is allowed to speak!

We are looking forward to what we can do this year – stay tuned for updates.


Yasmin and Amy