Reception Spring 1 topic… Fantastic stories!

Welcome back! Our topic this half-term is… Fantastic stories! We will be looking at 5 different exciting stories over the coming weeks. Please see the list below.

Week 1: The Tiger who came to tea – Judith Kerr

Week 2: How to hide a lion – Helen Stephens

Week 3: Where the wild things are – Maurice Sendak

Week 4: We’re going on a bear hunt – Michael Rosen

Week 5: On the way home – Jill Murphy

These stories will be available at your local library or alternatively you can search for them on Youtube.

Things to try at home – How can I make these stories more meaningful?

Week 1: Support your child to write a simple shopping list. Use the shopping list to buy the items in the supermarket.

Week 2: Make a lion mask and play hide seek at home. Or use a soft toy to play hide and seek. Encourage your child to describe where the toy is hiding e.g. “Under the bed” or “Behind the curtain”.

Week 3: Draw your own ‘Wild thing’ story. Where could you sail to? What do you monsters looks like?

Week 4: Draw a map of the bear hunt story. What do they go through first? Sequence the story with your map.

Week 5: Can you think of own funny explanations for why Clare hurt her knee?  Draw the pictures to match.

Maths focus

We will be looking at the following maths topics this half-term:

-Counting objects and writing the number.

-Using positional language e.g. over, under, on, next to or behind.

-Patterns in numbers e.g. 2s, 5s, or 10s.

-1 more and 1 less e.g. “What’s one more than 10?” “What’s one less than 16?”

Please speak to a member of the reception team if you have any questions or need support.