Reception Science day!

To celebrate British Science Week (9th-18th March 2018) Reception enjoyed a day of exploration and experiments!

Our first experiment was to add Mentos sweets to a bottle of diet Coco-Cola. We did a test to see if there would be a reaction with Mentos and a bottle of water… but nothing happened! Then we added the sweets to the diet Coco-Cola. The children were very excited to watch the reaction happen and Clare and Emma get splashed! Luckily we wore lab coats and googles. The children described the reaction as a “Volcano”, “Eruption”, “Too much wind” and “Too many bubbles!”.

Later in the day we then made bottle rockets by mixing warm water and Alker Seltzer tablets. We had to shake the bottles to get the reaction to happen. The bottles then shot off into the air! The children were extremely excited. We talked about why the bottles shot off in the air, the children begun to acknowledge that by mixing two things together lots of bubbles were produced. It was a great experience for all the children and an excellent opportunity to develop their curiosity about materials and mixing.

Thank you to Tom for organising such a brilliant Science day!